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Top 5 Travel Accessories You Need

Travel and Indoor Slippers

Wear them in airplanes, in cars, at hotels, or in the comfort of your home.  Lightweight and flexible, these slippers don’t take up much space.  Made of mesh material, they’re breathable, machine-washable, durable, non-slippery, and extremely comfortable.  By far the best slippers on the market today, they’re perfect for homebodies and road warriors alike.  Available in 4 different colors and sizes.



Toothbrush Holder


Thanks to these fantastic holders, you can now place your toothbrush wherever you like. No more “laying around” or worrying about hotel germs.  These holders fit toothbrushes of every shape and size.  Available in red, yellow and blue for easy identification of different toothbrushes.

Travel Organizer Bag


With its compact design and huge holding capacity, this bag is a must for every traveler.  Stretchable, lightweight and machine-washable, they’re perfect for packing socks and underwear, and equally perfect for holding laundry.  We recommend you carry 2 bags for the road: one for clean clothes and the other for dirty clothes. What we love about this Japanese-designed bag is that it’s Velcro-free and can be stretched to any shape.  It lays flat and folds away easily so it doesn’t take up space in your suitcase.

Eco Shopping Bags

We love these bags because of their artistic designs.   They’re the most beautiful re-usable bags you can find.  With 3 different patterns designed by Japanese artists, you can choose one that fits your style and outfit. These bags are extremely durable and can carry up to 50 pounds.  They’re also machine-washable. Use them for travel or everyday shopping.

Gokujyun Facial Masks                      


Gokujyun Facial Masks prevent dry skin when you’re flying.  Use them during your flight, or before and after your trip to ensure your skin stays moisturized.  This is the best kept Asian beauty secret.  Asian women wear these facial masks when we travel.  (And when we’re not on the road, we use them at least once a week at home.)