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How to Prevent Dry Skin When Flying

We can no longer bring bottled water to the airport, and carry-on liquids are limited to 3.4 oz.  While these rules may be safe for air travel, they’re deadly for our skin.  We know this scenario all too well: we board a flight with skin as smooth as a fresh plum, but when we land, our skin is cracked and peeling, more like a wrinkled prune.  This uncomfortable condition can last for days if we don’t moisturize our skin right away.  What’s the best solution to prevent dry skin when flying?  Wear a facial mask!

Facial Masks – The Best Solution for Dry Skin When Flying 


Most moisturizers or toners come in bottles larger than 3.4 oz.  When you can’t bring your moisturizer on an airplane, consider carrying on an even better product: Gokujyun Facial Mask. Facial masks are usually individually packed, and they’re not officially considered liquids even though they contain all the liquids your skin desperately needs.  Applying a facial mask during your flight can’t be any simpler: clean your face, then place a mask on your face for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, remove the mask, pad your face dry with your fingers, and voila!  You’re done.  For maximum usage, you can even use the still-moist mask on your neck and hands before tossing it away.  During those 15 minutes, you can read, watch a movie, or take a nap.

The Phantom Flyer

Let’s face it, a facial mask can look scary to people who don’t know they exist.  Passengers with facial masks are more terrifying than the Phantom of the Opera.  To prevent havoc on the plane, I usually wait until the whole flight is dark and everybody is sound asleep before applying my facial mask.  On one trip, the passenger sitting next to me stayed awake the whole flight, so I warned her about the sight she was about to behold before I put on my mask.  To my surprise, she was more interested in the benefits of facial masks than the “scary” effect I’d worried about.  In fact, she asked me if I had an extra one so she could try one on for size.   So there we were: two grown women sitting in the dark with our facial masks on, looking at each other and giggling like school girls.  Before the flight was over, the woman had written down the name of my facial masks, Gokujyun, so she could purchase them online.

 Prevention and Treatment for Airplane Skin

Gokujyun_facial_mask_If you’re not brave enough to apply a facial mask while flying, or if your flight is too short to use one, I suggest you use a Gokujyun Facial Mask before and after your flight.  Gokujyun Facial Masks: the best prevention and treatment for dry airplane skin.

To Learn more about this mask, please read my previous post: Why Asian Women Look So Young.

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Why Asian Women Look So Young? Asian Beauty Secret: Facial Masks

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Asian women age slowly and that our skin doesn’t wrinkle so much.   I recently saw a cartoon titled “The Average Asian Aging Process,” which exaggerates this notion.  The cartoon pokes fun at the idea that Asian women stay young-looking between the ages of 18 and 50, then age drastically when reaching menopause.  Let’s put aside the cartoon’s depiction that Asian women look like middle-aged gangsters after menopause.   Many Asian women really do retain their youthful looks.   So what’s the beauty secret that keeps Asian women so young?  What is the one thing that Asians do religiously that others don’t?  We wear facial masks!

 What Is a Facial Mask?

facial_maskIf you’ve never seen anyone wearing a facial mask in real life or on an Asian soap opera, just imagine Phantom of the Opera.  The Phantom wears a half-white mask that scares everyone in the theater.  A beauty facial mask looks just like the Phantom’s except it’s a full mask—so you can scare twice as many people.  Honestly, I never found the Phantom scary, perhaps because I’m used to seeing and wearing facial masks.  But if you’re not used to them, warn your friends and relatives before you wear one.  I once put on a mask after taking a bath.  As soon as I walked out from the bathroom, my friend started playing the soundtrack from Phantom of the Opera.  I laughed so hard I couldn’t keep my mask on.

A beauty facial mask is made of a thin cotton sheet, cut to the shape of a face, then soaked in different skin nutrients and ingredients, depending on the specific mask’s function.  This is how you use it: after facial cleaning, you apply the mask to your face for a brief 10 to 15 minutes until the nutrients are absorbed.  Then you peel the mask off and pad your skin dry.

Types of Facial Masks

There are hundreds of different types of facial masks in Asia: for whitening, for moisturizing dry skin, to prevent aging, and to prevent dark eye circles. I must have tried 50 different brands over the past decade. Before writing this post, I read dozens of product reviews from Asia and narrowed the field down to 8 of the most popular facial masks.  A team of three women (my devoted and patient friends) with different skin types tried these different masks for two months.  We tested our skin reaction to the masks, judging them on how fast the skin nutrients were absorbed and how long our skin stayed moisturized after use.  We also compared the size of these masks, the thinness of the sheets, and the amount of ingredients each mask contained.  Our test results confirmed what all the reviews suggested—the champion masks are Gokujyun Facial Masks.

 The Best Asian Beauty Secret: Gokujyun Facial Masks

Gokujyun_facial_mask_The Gokujyun Facial Mask is a deep moisturizer.  It supplies our skin with the ample water it needs.  Have you noticed that sometimes our skin is very dry no matter how much facial cream we apply?  This is because our skin needs water, not oil.  Gokujyun’s masks solve this problem.  Its main ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is naturally produced in our body and can be found in our cells, but it’s mostly in our skin tissue.  When our body doesn’t produce enough HA, our skin looks dull and wrinkled, and loses its elasticity.  The chemical HA is used in skincare when our body doesn’t produce enough of the chemical on its own.  Hyaluronic Acid softens skin, enhances its water-binding ability and leaves skin moisturized and radiant.

We loved Gokujyun masks the best because they achieved all of the above; they kept our skin moist, radiant and smooth longer than other facial masks.  While some masks work only for a single day, Gokujyun masks last three days longer.  The size of the mask fits comfortably on your face, the sheet is thin yet not so thin that it tears apart, and the sheet is wet enough to last 20 minutes without dripping.  After 15 minutes of applying this mask, we noticed an immediate glow to our skin. It’s the most efficient, effective and non-surgical skincare product on the market.

Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion – For Everyday Use

Gokujyn_Hyaluronic_Acid_lotionIn Asia, Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion is actually more well-known than its masks.  It’s made by Japan’s number one brand: Rohto Hadalabo.  The brand is so popular that one bottle of lotion is sold every 6 seconds in Asia.  Asian women and men use facial masks 1-2 times a week.  On the days you don’t apply a facial mask, I recommend Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion twice daily.  If you want to retain your youthful looks, definitely give these products a try.